Which Payoff Method Should You Use?

The most effective way to pay down debt is to focus on accounts with the highest interest rate which is known as the debt avalanche method or debt stacking. However, many people like to focus on accounts with the smallest balance first, also known as the debt snowball. You can simulate both methods along with some others on form below to see which one works best for you.

$ .00
# Account Name Current Balance Minimum Payment Interest Rate
Add Row Delete Row
@undebt_it How to Temporarily Pause Your https://t.co/JchEe6j5yy Debt Snowball https://t.co/ad6fRuqfyQ https://t.co/QnXLtGNpVB
7:48 AM - Mar 18th 2020
@undebt_it By popular demand I have added a payoff snapshot history page. You'll be able to go back and see your past debt pay… https://t.co/E5wa2CZBhO
8:00 PM - Mar 12th 2020
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8:32 PM - Mar 9th 2020
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9:55 AM - Feb 15th 2020