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What is EcoDollar?

EcoDollar is a proven process that helps people stop being a slave to the lender. Debt can rob people of joy, opportunities and cause unneeded stress. But without a plan most Americans stay in a cycle of debt slavery longer than necessary. EcoDollar can provide an easy to follow plan and track to eliminate debt and increase wealth. By using DEBT SNOWBALL (lowest balance first), DEBT AVALANCHE (highest interest rate first) or your own customized plan you will have a plan to follow either on your own or with the help of a financial planner. You plug in the information and EcoDollar does the rest! Are you tired of being a slave to the lender? Get EcoDollar and get on track to financial freedom!

Website Features

  • Here's what EcoDollar can do for you:
  • Multiple debt payoff plans, including custom plans
  • "Debt Snowflake" additional/one-off payment support
  • Add unlimited debt accounts
  • Sortable & exportable payment history per debt account
  • Summary view with projected payoff date & total interest
  • No personal information or links to your banking accounts required
  • Responsive design works on all major web browsers, tablets and phones
  • Localized currency formats, multi-language (English & Spanish)
  • SSL encryption (https) protects your information

Powerful Debt Management

It's easy to see when each debt will be paid off and how effective the debt snowball payment method really is. You can also add additional one-off payments, aka debt snowflakes to your snowball to really speed up the process. When you record your payments, your balances, due dates and pay off dates will automatically be adjusted.

Debt Snowball Calculator

This free tool will let you create a one-off debt payment plan that can use the snowball or avalanche method. No account signup is required to use it, but you have the option to create one after your plan is calculated. Try it out now, there's no catch.

EcoDollar Benefits

EcoDollar membership gives you access to premium content for a low price. Some of the features include bill management, the 52-week savings challenge, advanced historical & projection graphs and account restructure/consolidation simulations, Google, iCloud & Outlook calendar sync support. Upgrade now or enable the free 30-day trial.

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